CCTV system with Real-Time Behavioral Insights

Our video analytics platform focused on effective, real-time management of video arriving at a video monitoring centre. It can help to realise tangible returns on existing CCTV surveillance infrastructure normally only used for forensic analysis of past incidents, where it provides real-time analysis and response. This is the most important algorithm of our system. Detection of Unusual Behaviour is driven by a self-learning unsupervised artificial intelligence platform. Learning is based on pixel analysis and allows the system to learn how objects normally move in a scene; after establishing a norm, the system will create an alert on any deviations. This allows the system to reduce by 95% to 98% the amount of video to be analysed by a CCTV operator. A single Unusual Behaviour license often replaces 5-10 licenses based on Rules Based algorithms.


Health & Safety Ready -Human Posture Analysis